Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Week 83 - Chimbote

This past week was awesome. Its so great to be a part of this great work in this great time. We were busy all week, and watching conference was a great way to end the week.
This past Tuesday we got to do a companionship exchange with one of the district leaders. Companionship exchanges are always such great opportunities to learn and to teach as well. I
got to go with Elder Mott to his area and we had a great day. We were busy painting a room in a member´s house in the morning, then we stayed busy in the afternoon visiting and teaching his investigators. We got to talk a lot about the principles of faith and repentance with his investigators and it was so awesome to see how they were filled with hope as we talked. One of my favorite experiences from the exchange was our last lesson that we had. We went to visit a family that is progressing a little bit. The dad has not been very interested, but his wife and kids have been very interested. When we got to their house we realized that they had just gotten home and had forgotten that we were going to visit them that night. They were tired and they said their house was a mess so they wanted to to come back another day. We tried convincing them to letting us talk to them just for a moment, but they insisted that another day would be better. We left their house and started walking when all of the sudden we heard a little voice and saw that their little daughter had come running after us to tell us to come back. Her parents had sent her. We went back to the house and we got to read the scriptures with them and pray with their family. I now know and have seen that the Spirit can work in people to help them have a desire to listen to the gospel.
This week we have also had the opportunity to help Hermana Fanny progress a little bit more. She is very willing to learn and live the gospel. We got to talk to her about the plan of salvation this past week and she had studied quite a bit before, so it made the lesson a lot easier for us. She had a few questions about the fall, but thanks to the Book of Mormon we were able to answer them. The scriptures are so awesome, and are such a great tool in this work. The Plan of Happiness is so perfect and its so cool to see how the people start to fill a hole in their lives as they learn about it. She also went to conference yesterday, so we are very excited for her progress.
I really enjoyed the conference we have been privileged to see these past two days. I have found answers to a few questions that I had and I have been strengthened. I really enjoyed learning from the Lord´s chosen servants. I think its impossible to listen to them and deny that they are chosen servants of God. I know that the church is true. I'm pretty excited for the temple in Poccatello. That's not too far from home! I know that the Lord´s church has been restored. I am so grateful for all the Lord has given me and for the strength that he has provided me with here on the mission.

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