Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week Nine - Caraz

Here is Elder Miller's weekly/email summary.  I asked him some questions this time and have included those answers in the summary.

From Elder Miller
Your questions:
1. we go to church and every other Sunday we give talks in church then we proselyte for the rest of the day.
2.Yes we are! we teach less actives, recent converts, the members, and investigators of course. We teach a lot of restoration lessons and we have taught a few lessons on stories from 1 Nephi. like the Liahona and what are the Liahonas in our lives. I really love teaching about that.
3.We did one service Project last week. We helped dig a trench in the middle of a persons home to put a pipe in so the wáter could drain better. That was interesting haha
4.Highlight of this week was probably FHE last Monday with the members. I love teaching families.
5.We study in the morning and proselyte the rest of the day with a few meals here and their at our pensionista. On Tuesdays we always travel to Huaraz for a District reunión.

Helo everyone once again! I write to you this week from Huaraz. We are here for our PDay with our whole Zone! It should be a bacan day! Bacan is one of my new favorite words. It means like awesome in spanish and it sounds like rock on so its a pretty sweet Word. This week was better once again. Im really starting to have more fun with the tasks of the misión life and enjoying it a Little more every week.
This week was another great week. We are kind of struggling to help some of our investigators progress which is frustrating because it is hard to get in contact with them, but the good news is we have many more weeks to keep pushing forward. The members have been so great. Every Monday night we have a family home evening usually with a member family and an investigator. They are so fun. I have really grown to love FHE. I am also able to contribute more because my spánish is slowly but surely getting better. Which is quite the process, but It is coming and I'm excited to be able to talk to more people.
My companion has been such a great help to me. This week he really helped me to make my personal studies more effective by studying with a question. It is helped me quite a bit. It is crazy how PMG has everything we need to succeed as missionaries in it, we just need to use it and apply what we learn. I have also started using a study journal as well which is probably one of my new favorite things to use when I study.
Yesterday we packed 22 members into a van and drove to Huaraz for a special regional conference for the people of Peru. The messages were about attending the Temple and living the Góspel. The misión is definitely an adventure! I'm really starting to love it though.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 8 - Caraz

Elder Miller wanted me to tell everyone thank you for the e-mails, the prayers and for thinking of him.  He won't be able to write you all back but is truly grateful for your e-mails!  Thank you from the bottom of this Mom's heart too!  <3 
This is Elder Miller's weekly summary:
This week was a much better week! Thank you for everything everyone! I probably wont have time to write everyone back but i am so grateful for all of your prayers and emails! I have learned over the past week something I already knew but I needed to apply into my own life. I learned this from my parents and I remember a few other people repeating the same thing. The only thing that you can control is your attitude and effort every day. I have learned that every day I need to wake up and be happy, positive, and have faith. Its not always easy, but It is helping me out so much. The other missionaries have helped  me out as well. They have very good advice and they tell me that it keeps getting better so that is good! Through lots of prayers and Reading the words of my parents in their letters I have gotten a lot better over the past week.
I am in Caraz. It is so so beautiful here the mountains are amazing. 15 minutes away in Yungay is the mountain that paramount pictures uses at the beginning of their movies. It is kind of a tourist town so i do see some americans sometimes. There is agriculture all around which is definitely a plus. It is much different than the ranches of  montana but it will tide me over for now! Its definitely fun to see.
The food here in Peru outside of the CCM is enteresting sometimes,but they also have some very good food as well. Ill start with the interesting…This week there was a chicken foot in my soup. No i did not eat it and yes it was there on purpose. On the bright side however, there is two heladerías. Ill let you sound that one out and figure out what it means. Their ice cream is amazing!
The missionary work here is not easy, but it is getting better. Spanish is still coming some days better than others, but I just need to keep at it and it will come I know it. The members here are so awesome with helping and supporting us. Our missión leader is awesome as well. They have high goals for us to accomplish. Which is awesome. This past week we recieved a reference from a man who didnt really want to hear our message and this reference is awesome. We talked about families at first, then at the end he said ¨so I think you were sent here tonight because Heavenly Father thinks I am ready for this message¨ that just goes to show that he is preparing people everywhere. My companion and I were so  happy after that! Lessons are so fun! I love them. I am grateful for this message of happiness!

Pictures ONLY

I found the BLOG for Elder Miller's Mission and guess what they had a bunch of pictures of Elder Miller on there.  So be prepared or fair warning picture overload!
Here is the missions BLOG:

Arriving at Mission Home

All the new missionaries

Elder Miller in front of Trujillo Temple

All Elders in front of Trujillo Temple

Getting off a bus?  :-)

Getting ready to eat?



I love this face.


More lessons

Elder Miller and his companion?

Leaving Mission home for his first area.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 7 - First Area (Caraz)

Here is the e-mail I received this week from Elder Miller, he didn't include a summary but I'm going to post the e-mail he sent to me.  Remember the up and downs we have only make us stronger.  This is his first week in his area (no more training center).  Sounds very interesting.  It sounds like he has a nice place to live and someone to cook for him?  What?!  If you get a chance, shoot him an e-mail.  Remember to stay positive and keep it brief.  He may not have time to respond but I'm sure he would love some "mail" from family & friends alike.

From Elder Miller
Hey mom thanks for the email! Happy birthday to the best Mom ever!!!! I swear I didn't forget about it. I was telling my district at the CCM that I forgot to mention it in my email and they were laughing at me. I had to part ways with Elder Klein. He is in the Lima North mission. This mission is really cool. My first area is Caraz. It has tons of agriculture and mountains which is awesome. It has been a much different week. My new companion is from Paraguay. He is awesome and he speaks pretty good English which is such a blessing. The members here are super awesome. There's not more than 50 at church I don't think but its ok. hopefully we can change that. President and Sister Rios are so awesome! Sister Rios makes sure that we are taken care of with a good apartment and everything which is nice. The first day we got to go to the mission home and have an awesome meal there. It was soooo good. Out here in the field has been much harder than I expected, however. I am super homesick. I really miss you and dad and Emmy and Montana and the rest of the family. I know that I can do this, but at first its going to be really hard. Thank you for your strong example and testimony mom. You are the best mom ever. You are the one of the ladies that Jeffrey R. Holland talked about in conference. I love you tons! I might need some tough love these next few weeks with some prayers too please. I am so proud of everything that you are doing and have done. I hope you had tons of fun in Canada. I'm jealous of the Thanksgiving food! We have a pensionista who cooks every meal for us which is super nice. She is trained on what to feed us so that we don't get sick. The food is alright out here. We have taught a few lessons and I contribute where I can because my Spanish is restricting, but my companion is very good at helping me. Be safe please mom. Thank you for all that you do! Thanks especially for taking care of my animals while i am gone. I got one of the letters that you and dad sent me when I got to Trujillo so that was an awesome surprise. I will do a summary next week. If you want you can make a summary of what I have written this week for the blog. Sorry for not doing a summary.
I love you to the moon stars and back again forever!

Must be his new area. How cool is that?

Tenny in front of the Trujillo temple. 
Not sure what happened to the pic, it only shows half of him.  :-)
From Google: 

Caraz is a town in the Caraz District in the southeastern part of Huaylas Province of the Ancash Region in Peru. Recent investigations propose that its political creation was dated on 12 February 1821, when Grl. San Martín, while staying in Huaura founded 4 Departments, including Huaylas as one of them, with its capital, the city of Caraz. Later on 1857, it was split in two, giving birth to the new young Province of Huaraz. The District of Caraz was created by the Administration of Liberation of Don Simón Bolivar, legitimized by law on December 29, 1857, and sanctioned a year later. The city of Caraz became the capital of the Province of Huaylas on July 25, 1857. .

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 6 - Leaving CCM & onto Trujillo

This is what I got from Elder Miller this week.  He left the CCM (MTC) today and flew to Trujillo.  He will officially begin serving in his area now.  I cannot wait to hear all about the adventures, trials and tribulations that are yet to come.  So proud of this boy of mine.  Here is his simple (all I needed to hear) message for the week.

From Elder Miller,
Hey mom I am in Trujillo safe and sound. This city is so beautiful! I am so excited to see the rest of my mission! I only get two minutes so ill talk to you next pday. Have a great week. Forward this to dad please.