Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 8 - Caraz

Elder Miller wanted me to tell everyone thank you for the e-mails, the prayers and for thinking of him.  He won't be able to write you all back but is truly grateful for your e-mails!  Thank you from the bottom of this Mom's heart too!  <3 
This is Elder Miller's weekly summary:
This week was a much better week! Thank you for everything everyone! I probably wont have time to write everyone back but i am so grateful for all of your prayers and emails! I have learned over the past week something I already knew but I needed to apply into my own life. I learned this from my parents and I remember a few other people repeating the same thing. The only thing that you can control is your attitude and effort every day. I have learned that every day I need to wake up and be happy, positive, and have faith. Its not always easy, but It is helping me out so much. The other missionaries have helped  me out as well. They have very good advice and they tell me that it keeps getting better so that is good! Through lots of prayers and Reading the words of my parents in their letters I have gotten a lot better over the past week.
I am in Caraz. It is so so beautiful here the mountains are amazing. 15 minutes away in Yungay is the mountain that paramount pictures uses at the beginning of their movies. It is kind of a tourist town so i do see some americans sometimes. There is agriculture all around which is definitely a plus. It is much different than the ranches of  montana but it will tide me over for now! Its definitely fun to see.
The food here in Peru outside of the CCM is enteresting sometimes,but they also have some very good food as well. Ill start with the interesting…This week there was a chicken foot in my soup. No i did not eat it and yes it was there on purpose. On the bright side however, there is two heladerías. Ill let you sound that one out and figure out what it means. Their ice cream is amazing!
The missionary work here is not easy, but it is getting better. Spanish is still coming some days better than others, but I just need to keep at it and it will come I know it. The members here are so awesome with helping and supporting us. Our missión leader is awesome as well. They have high goals for us to accomplish. Which is awesome. This past week we recieved a reference from a man who didnt really want to hear our message and this reference is awesome. We talked about families at first, then at the end he said ¨so I think you were sent here tonight because Heavenly Father thinks I am ready for this message¨ that just goes to show that he is preparing people everywhere. My companion and I were so  happy after that! Lessons are so fun! I love them. I am grateful for this message of happiness!

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