Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week Ten - Caraz

Helo everyone from Caraz! This week was another great week here! The rainy season is getting ready to start so we got a Little taste of that this week as well as some super nice sunny weather. It is so beautiful here. The work is moving forward here. Some days slower than others, but it is moving forward!
This week I got to see some very cool things! First of all the rainstorm was super strong holy moly! Elder Sanchez and I got soaked. We had an opportunity for service in the rain however which was a blessing! An older man was pushing a cart up to his home with two of his smaller grandchildren I am guessing and we happened to pass them and were able to help them pus hit the rest of the way to their home. All the while we were laughing because we were completely soaked from head to toe! When we returned to our apartment our ties were so wet that we could stick them to our faces. I also saw some farming in action here this week in our travels which was very cool. There was a horse and buggy out in the middle of a field and the people were piling corn plants on it. As well as people working up the dirt in their fields using a single plow with two cows.
We had the opportunity to spend almost all of yesterday with the members which was awesome. They have  a really strong core group of members here the thing is we just need to add a lot more people to it. The members are so generous, nice, fun and have such strong testimonies. Yesterday in the morning we went to Yungay for the church meetings there. Their was about 30 members present. The spirit was very very strong! They meet in what is called a ¨ family group¨ they meet for two hours every Sunday for sacrament and Sunday school. The second counselor from the branch here presides over their meetings. He is so amazing! We got to work with him a Little bit this week. He is so happy and up beat I love it.
As far as investigators go we are on the search for more as always! It is a fun adventure. We have a few that are progressing a Little bit which is so cool to see. Teaching the lessons is getting easier for me as my spanish gradually  improves which is such a blessing! I love being a missionary! I have really been thinking a lot more about what makes our church special lately and one thing that  keeps comin to mind is something that Joseph Smith`s father said in the Joseph Smith movie ¨many churches teach men to fear God too much and love him too little¨ Im not sure if thats exactly correct but you get the idea. I love that! We should Love him and his perfect plan for each and every one of us.

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