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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week Thirteen - Caraz

Here is Elder Miller's latest e-mail/letter.  He sounds wonderful. 

Elder Miller writes:
This week was amazing. It was a Little bit frustrating at times with the work, but im learning patience and strengthening my faith. I received a package this week with stuff from my mom and from the school. Thank you so much!!!! I feel so blessed and I wish I could show my thanks better than in an email. I also received the card from our ward mission night. Thank you to everyone who wrote to me. Deer Lodge Ward is the best!!! I don’t really feel like I deserve all of this love and I wish I could say thanks in a better way, but know that I feel so blessed and that it means a lot to me.
This week was a little different in the missionary work. Two of our investigators that were progressing moved away to different towns so that was a little tough, but some very great things happened this week too. One of them was that we were finally able to contact a family that is part members that are inactive. I have hope!!
This Friday we went with the bishop to Santa Cruz(a city in the mountains) to give a family permission to administer and partake of the sacrament in their home when they aren`t able to come to Caraz for Church. It was the coolest experience and its so cool how the Lord always provides a way for everyone to keep his commandments. I finally got some pictures there of people plowing with their cows and I also got a picture of the members horse all saddled up when he rode out with us as we walked back to the car. I got to eat Cuy for lunch with them. They fried up the whole thing. The guts and everything. It was pretty good actually! I got pictures of the lady gutting them in the creek. I also got to help them pull up some potato plants in their field to send some potatoes with us. It was like a dream day for Elder Miller.
Today as a zone we hiked to a laguna up in the mountains. It was so amazing. We were at almost 20,000 feet of elevation. I have some great pictures from the whole experience.(by the way I have a bunch of pictures but I need to buy an adapter but I can only send them on some computers I will send them to my parents one of the weeks) The mountains are so amazing here.
I am definitely feeling sooooo blessed this week. WOW! Heavenly Father knows his children so well. My first area in the field is in the mountains with agriculture everywhere. I am loving life. The mission is such a learning process and its really hard at times, but it is all worth it. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve my Father in Heaven and I am so grateful for all of the support he has placed in my life. Wow!

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