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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 34 - Viru

Another great week as missionary is now in the books. It was a great week filled with cool experiences. We got to do a little bit of service this week which was really fun. We helped our mission leader take down his adobe house so that he can build a newer and nicer house here soon. I really love doing service. It was fun to get a little bit of manual labor in. 
This week we have continued to work with a few families and we also found a new family that is super awesome. I'll share one experience from one of the families. Manuel and Monica are not married yet and they have two kids together. They are really awesome. Manuels mom passed away a few weeks ago and has completely changed in the past few weeks. I have talked quite a bit about him I think. Well this week he told us about a very cool experience that he had in a dream with his mom. People here have dreams sometimes when they read the Book of Mormon and pray It is really cool to see the miracles in these peoples lives. Anyway he and Monica came to church this sunday with their kids and they are working on getting married hopefully here soon if thats whats right for them. 
This week we also got to give a few blessings to people who have gotten sick and we also got to give a blessing to a lady who fell down her stairs with her baby in her arms and hurt her foot. It is amazing how the Lord puts you right where you need to be to be able to help someone. 
It was a great and busy week and on top of that we got to have interviews with President Rios and we got to have a little lesson with the assistents this week. It was so awesome. They are always so inspiring and I really enjoy learning from them and getting advice from them. My trainer Elder Sanchez is one of the assistents now so it was nice to see him again. 
I really love working with the people here. They are awesome and I'm learning to be patient and to love everyone. It is not always super easy but it is definitely something that will help me during my whole life. I have no doubt that this is the Gospel of our Savior and that the blessings are real. I know that President Monson is our Prophet and that President Rios is directed and guided by the Lord. The mission is such a blessing!
We got to help our mission leader here do a little bit of service this week. We helped him take down his adobe house so that they can build a new one here soon out of bricks and cement. I swear im not that chubby that my stomach sweats like crazy it all dripped from my chin haha

Peruvians from Utah

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