Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 35 - Viru

Hey everyone! I had another great week here in Peru! I learned a lot this week and got to see so many miracles. As a missionary I have seen miracles in many different forms. This week i got to see the miracle of how powerful the gospel can be in bringing families together. The same family i have been talking about for a while is still progressing and they want to get married this first weekend in May. They, for the first time ever, knelt down this week and prayed together. They told us yesterday that they feel like they are heading in the right direction, and that they should get married and baptized. It makes me feel so good that they are doing their part and praying and really trying to seek the Lords guidance. It gives me the assurance that I am helping them do the Lords will. 
This week I also had the privilege of working with one of the Zone Leaders. We had an exchange with them and it went great. I got to be with Elder Muñoa and he taught me a ton. I included a photo with him. He is a very good leader. He taught me to be more open, talk to everyone, work a lot with the members, and to be a firm leader. It was interesting to get to talk to him about being a leader and to get his advice on how I should be a more firm leader. I am learning so many things here on the mission. It is so awesome. 
This week we also had a the District Conference here. It is basically like stake conference. President Rios came and talked as well. All of the leaders were very direct and really focused on being good examples, keeping the Sabbath day holy, and keeping the commandments in general. One thing I really liked is what one of the sister leaders said...she said that we should have spiritual experiences often. weekly and even daily. That is so true. We really should strive to have such a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father that we have spiritual experiences often through earnest prayer, following promptings, and studying the scriptures. President Rios also gave some great talks. He always uses examples to teach and he used one that I really liked in particular. He said if you have a million dollars in one pocket and five cents in the other pocket and someone takes the five cents they are a robber. They have robbed you. It may have been a small amount, but they have robbed you. It is the same with the commandments. If we just buy one little thing on Sunday or take a sip of alcohol we are breaking commandments. It may seem little, but we have broken the commandment. It may seem a little harsh, but we have the commandments to protect us.
Thanks to our Savior we all get to realize what we need to do better and work towards getting better. I am so grateful for the mission and for our Savior. I know he suffered for each and every one of us. I am grateful for the  Plan of Salvation and the answers it gives to so many questions people have in life.

Elder Muñoa and Elder Miller 

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