Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 68 - Huaraz

Merry Christmas! I can hardly believe that this week is Christmas! It is a great time of year. This week was a great week. It started off a little slow, but ended on an awesome note.
Hermana Estela is still progressing, and we got to know her sister this week as well. Her sister had a few doubts about the church and had been going to another church for a while. This week when we finally got to know her and visit her she opened up a little bit and asked us a few questions that we were able to answer. In the end of the lesson, she asked us if she could take a Book of Mormon to read. We were happy to leave her with a Book of Mormon. One thing I have learned while on my mission is that people can always find answers to their questions, and many of these answers are found as they read the Book of Mormon and pray. This Sunday Hermana Estela went to church with her mom and her sister. I am very grateful that the Lord has answered our prayers.
This week we also got to know a few new families. Almost all week we couldn't find many new people to teach. We have learned to be patient, however, even though its a challenge at times for me, and we got to know a few new families this last Sunday. One of them has listened to the missionaries before. The dad is actually a member, and he really wants his wife and kids to go to church with him. In the end of our lesson with them they were excited to read the Book of Mormon. I'm excited for the opportunity to help this family.
This last weekend President Rios came with his family and we had our little Christmas celebration with them. It was a great time. President wanted our Christmas celebration this year to be more of a spiritual experience and it was awesome. We watched the church´s videos about Christmas from the past years, and talked about them a little bit. Then they had a little surprise for us. We got to see the videos that our families sent us to wish us Merry Christmas. It was so awesome! I am very grateful for President and Sister Rios.
I'm grateful for the chance to remember the Savior a little bit more this time of year and I'm especially grateful for the opportunity I have to learn of him and to strive to be one of his disciples. I know that thanks to him we all get to have second chances in life and we will live after this life.

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