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Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 16 - Caraz

Here is Elder Miller's weekly update:  He received his Christmas Package.  Thank you for all of you that took the time to write & send something!

From Elder Miller:
This week was so great we have been preparing as a zone for christmas. We are singing for Presidente and Hermana Rios this weekend so we have been practicing some singing haha its been fun to listen to its not my favorite thing to do but i love listening to it. Im very excited for my first Christmas in the field. It wont be anything like a good ol Christmas in Montana with my family and the snow, but it will be fun. We are going to eat and spend the day together as a zone in Huaraz which will be very awesome. 
This week we traveled to Chimbote(a town on the coast) for my reunion of 10 weeks with all the people who started the same time that i did in the field. It was really fun and really nice to know that we all had similar struggles our first few weeks and as President Rios says ´its normal.' I really like the assistents too. One of them Elder Weber was our Zone Leader last change and he is so awesome. I got to spend a day proselyting with him last change and that was a great experience. He has helped me a lot. 
This week we didnt get to spend a lot of time proselyting, but we did get a few people called as ward missionaries so it will be super fun to work with them too. We had one lesson with one of them with us this week and we watched a movie about the restoration with our investigator. It went really well. The purpose was to show him why the restoration was necessary and the movie got the point across very well. 
One of my favorite studies this week was in Ether chapter 12. I love this chapter. It really made me think of my experience as a missionary so far. For Ether it was really hard to preach to the people and he was a PROPHET! and he asked why is this so hard and was very discouraged at times, but I love verse 27 and the rest of the chapter after that. In this work I have realized there is so many things im not good at, but if I continue to have faith Heavenly Father will make these things become stronger for me. I really am so grateful for this opportunity that i have to be a missionary and to improve and prepare every single day for my future! Its pretty sweet :)

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