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Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 20 - Caraz

Elder Miller turns 19 on January 14th.  If you feel like e-mailing him to wish him a happy birthday, I'm sure he would love to hear from you!

He had another great week and continues to improve his Spanish speaking skills. 
Here is what he wrote:

Hey everyone this was another great week here in the mission! We have been working with a few new families lately and it has been really fun. Almost all of them need to get married still so we are talking with them about that quite a bit. It is cool for me to hear why their families are important to them and also their testimonies of our Heavenly Father. There's a few that really have a strong desire to please our Heavenly Father and don't want to disappoint him so that makes me so happy. I honestly love working with the families. There's one family that we have that I know this gospel can help them so so much right now. They are the nicest people and always talk to us in the street, they just are having some struggles right now. We have also been working with a few young men who are at the age to get ready for their missions so that is super fun as well. We are working on trying to get them excited for the mission right now. I feel so lucky when I look back and see all the support I have been given to go on a mission from my family, family friends, missionaries, teachers, and coaches. This really is a great experience. It is so hard at times, but I have learned that the secret really is attitude and effort. We also had a little leaders meeting here this week in our zone and my companion is a District leader so I got to go to the meeting too. I love learning more about being a leader. While we were in the meeting something that the football coach said at the Seattle football camp came to my mind ¨the most important thing you can do in life is make sure that the people around you know they are important¨ that's basically what he said.(not sure if its word for word but close enough) so that is something I'm going to work at. I'm not a leader right now but I want to be a good one when the opportunity comes.
Today for Pday we went to the Laguna Paron that is in the mountains here by Caraz. It was so fun. We went with a few members and it was quite the adventure! My new companion is also very cool. He is from Lima and he knows how to surf. Pretty sweet talent id say. I am really learning from him to just relax and enjoy the mission a little bit more. The mission really is a blessing.
Laguna Paron - with his new Rugby Jersey

Laguna Paron - Miller Jersey

Laguna, with Companion & Hermano Castillo & his son

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