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Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 19 - Caraz & Basketball

Here is Elder Miller's Summary and an email about playing basketball.  I love this kid!  His comments are pretty hilarious. 

Last Monday I got to play some basketball with some of the members in a  super nice gym in Caraz. It was sooooo fun to get on the court and compete a little bit. It was kind of fun to be one of the tallest ones out there for the first time in my life! I hope you all are enjoying college basketball at home for me! Go Michigan State!!!
PS Dad or Aunt Sarah will you forward this to your brothers please.
Basketball and look who is the TALL boy.  :-)
Here is Elder Miller's weekly summary:
Hey! This was another great week in the mission. I spent all day last Tuesday in Huaraz proselyting with Elder Fernandez and we actually got to do some pretty cool service. We found a less active preparing guinea pigs to eat so we got to help her out. It was pretty cool. She boiled them and then after we pulled off all of their hair. It was interesting.
My new companion Elder Rodriguez arrived here on Wednesday and we have been working in Caraz. He is a good companion. He knows a lot and is a very good teacher. He is from Lima. Our first day together we actually had quite a bit of success. We visited a few members then we kind of fell into a slump and couldn't find anybody. I had a prompting though to go visit a family that used to be investigators who is always super friendly with us in the street the Grandpa always yells ´Waowki!´ which means brother in Ketchua(the native language here). We went and visited them and they were very nice to us and have desires to learn more because they are having a little bit of difficulties and believe that this can help them. We also started working with a part member family that is less active. They are so awesome. Their family is united and its always fun to go visit them. We shared the family a proclamation to the world with them and wow that is so powerful. Its things like that that make our church special. I also had some great studies this week. I love study time. During one of my studies I compared Chapter one of James and chapter ten of Moroni. I love how they talk about praying with true intention. The example in verses 22 to 25 I think it is in James was awesome.
I am really enjoying my time here in the mission. It was a good week. I got a few compliments from a few less actives and investigators this week about my Spanish as well. So that made me happy!
I also gained a stronger testimony of the importance of attending church this week. I felt so good and peaceful at church yesterday. It was a great day.  

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