Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 64 - Huaraz

This past week was awesome. I learned a ton and we also had some success in our area. Last Monday we had a family home evening with a family that we met with the help of one of the members in the ward. We all got together in their living room of their house and we filled it up. There were even people sitting on the stairs. We talked about the restoration and the Book of Mormon a little bit. The kids in the family were super excited, and they actually surprised us with what they already knew. We had left a folleto with them and they studied it and were ready.
Last Tuesday night we went to Trujillo for a leaders meeting and it was so awesome. President Rios shared a talk with us from Neil L. Anderson about having the faith to find and baptize converts. We got to study it together and I learned a ton. I learned that if I do all of the little things the best I can and If I serve with the faith and hope that the Lord is preparing people in my area to receive and live his gospel I will be a successful missionary. He always reminds us that we have real power and that we have to remember it and believe it. After we got to go out to eat for lunch with President and Sister Rios with the other leaders. Then President Rios let my companion and I go to the Distribution Center by the temple to buy some big scriptures for a few people in our area that we have been working with that cant read little letters. It was an awesome day.
The next day we got back to Huaraz and President came here with the assistants to train and to interview the zone. It was really awesome to have them here for a few days. President Rios taught us a little bit about how we can better teach repentance. He explained to us that repentance is not just changing and become better. He taught us that it needs to be centered on Christ and the atonement.
One day this week my companion and I hadn't had many lessons all day, but we kept looking and we knew that we were going to find something. In the night we found two families to teach. I know that the Lord tests our patience at times, but he always blesses us if we press forward with faith.
I am very grateful to be a missionary. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives.

Selfie with Comp on the Bus

Elder Miller in front of Trujillo Temple

Missionaries in his ward and the assistants.

A picture with my companion, the other misionaries in our ward and the assistants. The assistants are Elder Henao and Elder Benitez. Elder Henao and I were buds in the CCM and we throwed the football around a little bit. Elder Benitez is from Argentina he is a good missionary.  

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