Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 65 - Huaraz

One more week in the work has come and gone. It was a great week! We started the week of great last Monday and I learned a lot this week. This last Monday we went out to visit with our ward mission leader Hermano Jhon who is pretty awesome. He always has a super good attitude. We got to visit a family and talk to them a little bit about eternal families. The dads brother passed away about a month ago. It has been pretty tough on him, but I'm sure our message can give them hope and help them understand the opportunity that they have to have an eternal family. I really do love teaching and helping families. I think Ive said it a billion times, but I'm certain that the gospel blessed families and I know it will bless the families here.
This week we got to know a few members a little bit better as well, and they helped us a ton. It is so awesome to see the members get excited about sharing the gospel. One member introduced us to a bunch of her friends, so we are super excited to get to know them a little bit more and to teach them.
We have also been working with a sister named Estela. She has been progressing a ton and this week we got to see a little miracle with her. She has had a little bit of opposition from her family and from her neighbors as she has investigated the church. Her mom stopped talking to her for about a week, so Hermana Estela prayed so that her mom would talk to her. Her mom came and helped her cook in her little cafe this week. Probably the most amazing part, however, was when Hermana Estela walked into church this Sunday with her mom by her side. I was so excited for her. It was awesome to see that the Lord has helped her and answered her prayers.
One other highlight from this week was seeing one of our converts, Hermana Yaquelin, get a calling in the primary. wahoooooo!
This past week was a great week. Im excited for one more week in the work. I'm also excited for the Christmas season. We got to see the new video this week. Its pretty awesome. I'm very grateful to be a missionary. I'm learning a ton. I have really felt this week the importance of becoming more like the Savior. I'm grateful for his example.
Here I have included a photo of our leaders meeting we had last week. for more photos you can visit the mission blog.

 photo of our leaders meeting we had last week

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