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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week 3 - MTC

Here is Elder Miller's Summary of the week. 

This past week has been awesome! We are still learning so much! I have grown to love both of my teachers so much. They are so awesome! I have laughed quite a bit with them actually! They have a lot of good advice for us as well which I'm so grateful for. They really push us to do things over and over and over again so that we really get them down. It is great. We have been busy preparing for our activity this Saturday. We are going proselyting here in lima for practice with the missionaries from that mission. It should be an awesome experience!
Once again...Sundays are my favorite here at the CCM. Our branch presidency is sooo sooooo good. They are amazing. They have the best lessons. I got to talk to one of them about the first vision this week too and that was awesome. We talked about how when we get doubts we go back to the first vision and that sweeps them all away. So thank you Joseph Smith History :) They are so personable and direct. They definitely don't mess around. They tell you how it is and I like that.
My companion is the new district leader! He is awesome! we have really become good friends throughout the weeks. We always are finding something to laugh about! so that definitely makes it fun!
We got to go to the temple again today. Elder Klein and I led a group of 17 Hermanas and that was an adventure! But we all got there and back safely! They rented busses for us this time so that cut down on the adventure of catching a bus!
This past week we have had a few really sunny days which I LOVE! it doesn't happen a lot, but when it does It makes my day 50 times better. One of the hardest parts of being here is the fact that we spend so much time inside. It kills me haha ok maybe it doesn't kill me, but I'm excited for the field because ill get to spend more time outside.
I am loving my time here at the CCM and I am learning a lot! One of my favorite things from this past week is something that Presidente Gonzalez obedient, but its ok to have fun too...That made me feel really good!
I love being a Missionary! Peru is awesome!
Elder Miller & a friend

The MTC (CCM is what they call it here - Spanish for MTC)

View of the City - he said, "The Wise Man Build his House upon a Rock".  :-)

Companion Elder Klein, another Elder & Elder Miller

Another view of the City of Lima

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