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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 5 - MTC

Here is Elder Miller's weekly e-mail from the CCM in Lima Peru.  This will be his last week at the CCM.  WE may not here from him for a couple of weeks.  That might just about kill me but I know he'll be OK and that he'll e-mail as soon as he can.  Don't forget you can e-mail him too.  Check his address and e-mail on the right hand side of the blog.
Next time we hear from Elder Miller he will be in the field somewhere in the South Trujillo Peru Mission. 

My final week in the CCM here in Lima. I fly out to Trujillo next Monday! I definitely don't know Spanish yet but I'm well on my way! I have really enjoyed this past month here at the CCM and I will miss my district and teachers so much, but I am so excited to get out to the people that are prepared for this message.
This past week was not near as exciting as the previous one, but it was great nonetheless. It was fast and testimony Sunday and all four of the Elders from my district got up to bare their testimonies in Spanish.(sacrament is always in Spanish) It was so cool, we all four walked up at the same time. I felt like we were like leading the charge. We have grown so much here, especially with our Spanish it was so cool. The CCM(MTC) is an amazing place.
My teachers here have such strong testimonies. I have talked about them quite a lot lately, but they have had such a great impact on me. I have grown to love them and really appreciate them. They give us pep talks sometimes and their words are so inspired. One of my teachers this past week told me ¨Usted es Bueno¨ that means you are good. Pretty simple, but that simple phrase made my whole day.
Watching Elder Scott´s funeral on Monday was quite the experience as well. Hearing the testimonies from the other apostles and the prophet were so powerful. Wow! I definitely admire them and the work that they do. I especially admire the example that Elder Scott was in enduring through tough times. That hit me hard. I want to be like him. Positive. Faithful. Valiant. Happy.
Hurray for conference this weekend. I feel so blessed to get a pep talk from the prophet and apostles this weekend just a few days before I head to my area. I love this gospel so much. Heavenly father loves us so much and he is sooo merciful. I'm so excited to share this HAPPY message with others.
Like I said I am heading out to my area next week so this will be my last email for almost two weeks so don't worry if you don't get one for a while it is coming!
Elder Miller, his companion (Elder Klein), and some of the other
missionaries at the Lima Peru Temple.  What a beautiful place! 

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