Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 4 - MTC

I can't believe that Elder Miller has been out 4 weeks?!  Wow, this past month has really flown by.  Enjoy his weekly summary. 
Here's my summary...enjoy!
¨Wow¨ it has been another great week here at the CCM. I love being a missionary so much! My companion says I say ¨wow¨ a lot so I guess thats a good thing! Peru is an amazing place and I feel so priveleged to be here with the Elders I am with and to be led by the leaders that have been called to lead us.
On Sunday our Branch President gave a talk about how repenting is a life long process and that was awesome. I really like the Branch Presidency here. The first councilor is awesome. He is so straight forward and to the point. I really like that about him. You dont have to read his mind or guess anything.
My highlight of this past week was definitely proselyting on saturday. I learned so much. It was amazing ¨wow¨! If you have seen any of the pictures that i have sent I want to let you know that what you have seen is the nice part of Lima. I have realized that where we are at here in Lima is very nice and come to appreciate it more. Here´s why...We went proselyting in Lima East. We arrived on busses and went into the church building to get paired up with a missionary from that area and a member to go out proselyting for the afternoon. When we stepped out the door I was a little bit nervous, but excited for the day. I want you to picture this in your minds...dry, rocky and sandy hills with little to no vegetation growing on them with shacks on all of them about half way up the immediate reaction upon seeing this was that I wanted to go up there. I got my wish! It was such a humbling and amazing experience. All but one of the roads was dirt, there was dogs and chicks running around everywhere, and people working in and outside of their houses. I honeslty couldn´t believe my eyes. I didn´t know there was a place on earth like that. These people were living in less than desireable conditions, but were happy. Their houses were small, I would guess most didn´t have mattresses for beds and most didnt have cars or any form of transportation. Some shacks didn´t have roofs. It was quite the sight. The people, however, were the most amazing part. They were so patient with my companion, Elder Klein, and I. They waited for us to think of the words to say as we are not the best at spanish and listen attentively to the words we said. They were so nice. We gave a lesson and contacted many people out in the streets. It was a great experience. The thing that amazed me the most was how the people, even though they lived in rough conditions, kept pressing forward with whatever they were doing. Not one person I saw that day looked like they were about to give up on anything. I came back to the CCM that night with dusty shoes, dusty clothes and a whole lot of motivation to do the best I can to help these people on my mission.
Classes have been going great as well. Some days are better than others, but thats life. Our teachers are so amazing and they have had some really fun lessons lately for us. Elder Klein and I have been improving with our lessons still. Which is definitely nice to see. All is well here in Peru.
I know that God lives and that we are his children. I kow that he knows us on an individual level and cares about each and every one of us so much. And for that I am grateful!

Elder Miller & Elder Klein (CCM - Lima, Peru)

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