Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 50 - Viru

One more week is in the books in good ol Viru! It was a really great week and I really enjoyed it. Today I am actually in Trujillo. My companion had to go to Lima to do some paper work for his visa so I am here for the day. It has been a pretty fun day. We stayed with the Elders from the mission office last night and now I am with a a few missionaries that are serving here in Trujillo.
This week was awesome. Sunday was  a great day! One less active member that we have been working on for a while finally came to church this Sunday and he bore his testimony. He is so smart and knows quite a bit about the gospel. Like everyone he has his own struggles, however, so he has not been active. This last Saturday we visited them and we invited him to come to church and he told us ¨yeah ill go in two thousand.....¨ and then I said ¨sixteen¨ we laughed a little bit and he ended up coming to church with his wife. He is a teacher and when he bore his testimony he talked about how kids from the church and the missionaries have been instruments in the hands of our Heavenly Father as they have invited him to come to church and have constantly reminded him of that invitation. It never hurts to invite someone that's for sure!
This week we also got to teach Hermana Augustina. Her husband is a less active member and she has been traveling a lot lately because her daughter has been sick. Well this week her sister in law, the relief society president, helped us go visit her. We talked a little bit about the restoration and talked about the Book of Mormon. I knew that she had been reading the Book of Mormon a little bit, so we talked about that a little bit. She told us that she has received an answer that it is true. It is so amazing to see how the Lord is preparing his children here on earth to receive the gospel. He is at the head of this work.
Yesterday I studied a little bit about patience and as I studied the story of Ammon in the Book of Mormon came to my mind. He had such a good attitude. I love his story and his example. He went to do the Lords work and it was super hard for him. He had to serve the king and as he was trying to serve the king the sheep got completely scattered. I think in this situation I would probably get mad and frustrated, as I'm sure many people would, but he was more or less excited and grateful for the opportunity to gather the sheep and fight off the people who were scattering them. I really am very grateful for the Book of Mormon and for all that we can learn from it. I know that as we study it and as we apply what we learn we become better and stronger people. I know this is the work of the Lord and I'm grateful for the guidance that he gives us.

This week we got to do a little bit of service to help a family here in Viru. It was a pretty interesting little process. We put corn into bags made out of net material and then beat the corn with these poles to separate it from the cob. It is a pretty good job if you want to relieve some stress I guess. I'm really grateful for combines! It was not really that efficient at all! It was a good workout however! It was cool to get to do it one time, but I couldn't imagine doing that for a living!

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